Permanent Molds

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Ravenna Pattern and Mfg. has continued to build quality tooling for over 50 years. Three dimensional shapes is something that we pride ourselves on, and building foundry tooling has helped us achieve that. This has allowed us as a company to become very competitive in the Mold industry as well. Equipped with the latest machinery, tooling, machining techniques, and the knowledge of mold making Ravenna Pattern has begun to fully service foundries with permanent molding equipment. Ravenna Pattern is able to give you a wide range of mold capabilities which include, but are not limited to: Gravity, low-pressure, vacuum, lost foam, and complete mold assembling. Ravenna Pattern can take your mold from start to finish. Also equipped with the Romer Absolute 7525S1 Laser Scanner that operates off Polyworks software, we can reverse engineer any of your mold projects.

Here are just a few mold projects that Ravenna Pattern has completed. Contact us with any additional information that you may need, and we look forward to working with you.